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  • "Back to Centered Riding® Basics"
    Sat, Mar 18
    Lessons at the Lake presents: Continuing Education Series for Instructors and Riders. Unmounted workshops exploring Centered Riding® concepts and other topics through bodywork and groundwork.
  • Advanced Centered Riding Clinic
    Sat, Dec 21
    XYZ Stables
    Advanced Centered Riding Clinic with Susan Harris assisted by Kathy Culler. The focus is using Centered Riding to develop an independent and effective seat in the rider’s discipline.
  • The Great Balancing Act
    Fri, Nov 15
    Into the Woods Farm
    Another "Continuing Education for Instructors and Riders" Clinic: blah blah blah
  • Sample Past clinic
    Sun, Oct 06
    Into the Woods Farm
Note: Not all clinics and workshops are listed here. Lessons and many private/closed clinics are not posted on this page.
Browse through the various clinic types below for ideas of what I can offer and customize for you.
For more information about scheduling lessons or clinics at your location, contact Kathy Culler.
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