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Kathy Culler:  Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics, Centered Riding Lessons, Centered Jumping Lessons, Equicizer Body Awareness Sessions. Contact Kathy Culler: 973-349-2135,

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•  Level III Application Packet (download all documents listed below in a single pdf)
    -  Completed Level III Application Form: Includes all items listed below (link to pdf)
    -  Letter stating why the instructor wants to upgrade to Level III (link to pdf)
    -  Minimum of 3 letters of recommendation from 3 different Level IV Clinicians (link to pdf)
    -  Letters from students/clinic hosts confirming at least six 1-day (or longer) clinics taught under own name (link to pdf)
    -  Copies of the Instructor Record Book demonstrating ongoing education and bodywork requirements (link to pdf)
    -  First Aid/CPR Certification (link to pdf)
    -  Payment of upgrade application fee in U.S. funds
    -  Video in English demonstrating Level III requirements in riding, teaching, and groundwork (link to complete video)
        .  Riding - All three gaits (link to video)
        .  Riding - Lengthening and shortening of strides (link to video)
        .  Riding - Lateral movement (link to video)
        .  Riding - Using, losing, and regaining each of the basics plus grounding, with narration (link to video)
        .  Riding - Optional: jumping or other discipline 
        .  Teaching - Groundwork (link to video)
        .  Teaching - Bodywork (link to video)
        .  Saddle fit: for horse and rider (link to video)
        .  Group lesson (link to video)
        .  Advanced rider (link to video)
    -  Approved Instructor Accommodation Forms (link to pdf)
Kathy Culler - Centered Riding Level III Application