Virtual Video Evaluations 

I have had many requests for video lessons, and am in the process of setting them up. I plan to announce the details very soon!

Video evaluation lessons (or "remote teaching/coaching") can be a great way to get instructional input for your riding when you don't have access to in-person lessons or when you want specialized input in addition to your regular lessons.


As someone who specializes in horse and rider biomechanics, video evaluation lessons can be very helpful to spot asymmetries or imbalances that may inadvertently interfere with your riding. It is very difficult to evaluate yourself. Faulty proprioception is very common and can give you a skewed sense of where you are in space, how you are moving, and how straight and balanced (or not) you are.

You don't need a fancy video camera. These days, most cell phones have excellent video ability and work well for videoing your rides. 

To make the most of your video lesson sessions, it's a good idea to practice first. Get someone to video a test ride for you. Determine where the camera person should stand to avoid sunlight shining into the lens or shadows that may interfere. Break up the ride into multiple videos. Shorter videos are easier to take, save, and transmit.

It may be useful to ride in a shortened section of the arena or cross country course to avoid any places where the rider goes out of frame, or gets too large or small to accurately evaluate. This includes riding too far away, as well as too close to the camera. The camera person may want to practice so that the horse and rider are an optimal size, being careful not to constantly zoom in an out because that can be difficult to film and difficult to watch. 

When you contact me about video lessons, I will send you my packet with helpful hints on creating the videos, how to export and send the videos, how to dress, the use of tape, as well as pricing.


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