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Kathy Culler:  Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics, Centered Riding Lessons, Centered Jumping Lessons, Equicizer Body Awareness Sessions. Contact Kathy Culler: 973-349-2135,

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About Kathy Culler

Kathy Culler owned Into the Woods Farm for several years with her husband Carl, selling the farm as Carl neared retirement. She now travels and teaches at client locations throughout the United States. She is a Certified Level III Centered Riding® Instructor/Clinician, a Certified Life-Time Instructor of the American Riding Instructor Association, a United States Pony Club Instructor, an experienced Body Awareness Instructor, and a featured "Expert" on the website.


Kathy has decades of riding, teaching and training experience in multiple riding disciplines. Kathy travels regularly to teach Centered Riding® Clinics, Centered Riding and Centered Jumping Lessons, Discipline-Specific Lessons, and Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics–with and without the Equicizer! Kathy founded and hosted the "Continuing Education Series for Instructors and Riders" and is proud to have served on various equestrian organization boards of trustees over the years, including, Centered Riding® Inc. and the Horse Park of New Jersey. Both are 501(c )3 not-for-profit, charitible, educational organizations.  She continues to serve on several Centered Riding committees.

Contact Kathy to schedule clinics, lectures, or lessons.