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 The Equicizer™ 

I worked with Frankie Lovato, Jr., (the inventor of the Equicizer) to add an Equicizer to my teaching program.


My Equicizer ("Tuxedo II" named after my own horse Tuxedo) has proven to be a popular and valuable teaching tool. Riders are often amazed at the enhanced awareness and sensitivity that they experience on the Equicizer. Also, because it doesn't fidget, spook, buck or bolt, it provides the ideal platform for performing rider bodywork and gives the riders complete freedom to explore their own alignment and balance—while still or in motion. Riders can take what they learn on the Equicizer directly into the next ride on their own horse.

Instructors/trainers often book Equicizer sessions for themselves, or for their own students, to supplement their teaching program with body awareness evaluations and techniques.

Equicizer sessions are also great for rider rehab work. The Equicizer allows you to "get back in the saddle" after an injury or an absence from riding, in a safe and secure way.  Instruction with the Equicizer can help you build strength, come back into riding with correct alignment and movement, and avoid imbalances and asymmetries that almost everyone has. This can really streamline things and speed progress when you get back on a "real" horse.

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