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 About Me 

Even as a young rider, I was intrigued with riding theory. I wanted to better understand the "HOWs" and the "WHYs" behind the elements of riding and training horses.


Understanding how our bodies move and, how we in turn, connect to and influence the body and movement of our horse, has been a wonderful and enlightening  journey for me. Sharing that with others is my passion!

Over the last few decades, I've pursued my riding, training, and teaching experience in multiple riding disciplines, and have obtained certifications and credentials in a number of areas. I am a Level III Certified Centered Riding® Instructor/Clinician, a Certified Life-Time Instructor of the American Riding Instructor Association, a former United States Pony Club Instructor, an experienced Body Awareness Instructor, and a featured "Expert" on the Equicizer™ website. I continue to study, follow and incorporate the work of many equine and human biomechanics and bodywork teachers.

To encourage exchanging and sharing knowledge and information, I founded and hosted the "Continuing Education Series for Instructors and Riders." I am also proud to have served on various equestrian organization boards of trustees over the years, including, Centered Riding® Inc. and the Horse Park of New Jersey. Both are 501(c )3 not-for-profit, charitible, educational organizations.  
I continue to serve on several Centered Riding committees. 

For many years, my husband Carl and I owned Into the Woods Farm. It was a wonderful place, full of memories of students, horses and teaching, but as Carl neared retirement, we decided to sell the farm—one of the hardest, but best, decisions we ever made! From our new home base in North Carolina, I enjoy traveling to teach lessons and clinics, both near and far.


I truly enjoy working with students (and instructors) of all levels and disciplines—showing them how certain techniques can have immediate effects and begin to transform their riding, training, and teaching. I love seeing the smiles that erupt with the dawning of awareness as riders feel the differences in themselves and the horses.  Let me know if you'd like more information.

Centered Riding® Lessons and Clinics

Centered Riding-Specific Curriculum Instruction

Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics

Custom Content and Themed Clinics—Seat, Contact, etc.

Lessons at the Lake Clinics

Unmounted groundwork and bodywork for riders.

Virtual Lesson Video Evaluations

(Evals and Recommendations of your Submitted Riding Videos)

Equicizer™ Rider Body Alignment Sessions

(Customized Rider Evaluation and Bodywork)

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