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 Lessons & Clinics 

​I work with riders of all levels and disciplines, including competition and non-competition riders. I also work with instructors/trainers to introduce them to the benefits of incorporating body awareness and whole-body movement concepts for horse and rider into their own programs.  I believe that top quality instruction can be affordable!


I am happy to travel to your location to provide private lessons to individuals, or semi-private/group lessons to multiple riders for lessons or clinics.


Centered Riding Clinics cover specific Centered Riding curriculum. 


Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics are theme-based. They follow my standard format or may be customized to suit your needs. Themes may include seat, contact, proprioception, discipline-specific instruction, etc. I am happy to work with you.

The structure for any of my custom clinics can be one or multiple days and may include any combination of  lecture, interactive presentations, unmounted body awareness work (groundwork for riders), mounted instruction, and/or Equicizer™ sessions.

Let me know if you would like more information about my lessons or clinics. I am happy to answer your questions, work with you to choose the best options to meet your needs, and provide you with complete pricing information.

Centered Riding® Lessons and Clinics

Centered Riding-Specific Curriculum Instruction

Rider Balance & Alignment Clinics

Custom Content and Themed Clinics—Seat, Contact, etc.

Lessons at the Lake Unmounted Clinics

Unmounted clinics exploring a variety of topics. Learn

and have fun at the lake! Optional accommodations available.

Remote Teaching & Video Evaluations

(Evals and Recommendations of your Submitted Riding Videos)

Equicizer™ Rider Body Alignment Sessions

(Customized Rider Evaluation and Bodywork)


Choose from my standard clinics, or let's create an affordable customized clinic to suit your specific needs.

Clinics may be structured to:

cover the topics of your choice


accommodate your chosen discipline(s)


accommodate all levels of riders, in private or group rides


include mounted and/or unmounted lessons


include optional free lecture and interactive presentation


actually make money for you or your facilty!


I look forward to hearing from you!

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