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Kathy Culler
Level III Certified Centered Riding® Instructor/Clinician

Centered Riding® streamlines and accelerates the learning process for both rider and horse. My teaching specializes in "whole-body movement" and the mind-body connection to help riders improve awareness, balance, alignment, seat, contact, and connection for optimal performance — for riders of all levels and disciplines.

Bi•o•me•chan•ics (noun)

The study of the mechanical laws relating to the movement or structure of living organisms.

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Centered Riding®   


Centered Riding is an innovative way of expressing the classical principles of riding, using body awareness, centering, and imagery. Centered Riding encompasses all seats and styles of riding. It teaches a language that allows clearer communication between horse, rider, and instructor.

Helping the rider help the horse


I enjoy working with riders of all levels and disciplines, including competition and non-competition riders. Helping the rider find better balance and symmetry in their riding, aids in pain-free movement and improved performance for both horse and rider 

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My Passion 


I truly enjoy working with riders (both on and off the horse) showing them how certain techniques can have profound effects and begin to transform their riding, training and overall interaction with the horse. I love seeing the smiles that erupt with the dawning of awareness as riders feel the differences in themselves and ultimately in the horses.


I also love getting together with my fellow instructors to exchange ideas, techniques and approaches for riding, teaching and bodywork.

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I offer customized lessons and clinics to suit your needs.
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Lessons at the Lake
Unmounted Clinics Exploring Various Topics
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Centered Riding®
Centered Riding Specific Curriculum
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Rider Balance & Alignment
Customized-Content & Themed Clinics
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The Equicizer™
Specialized Rider Body Awareness Sessions
I would love to work with you!  
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Kathy Culler Riding Instructor
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