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Striated Muscles

Striated muscles are the muscles attached to bone that bring about movement in our bodies.

To move fluidly and optimally, new movements are repeated and "learned" thus creating new pathways in the brain. Repeated movements create stronger and stronger pathways and result in muscle memory which takes over when we move.

In horseback riding, as in other activities, it is very helpful to learn properly from the start to instill correct muscle memory. Things as simple as being slightly out of balance or having a dominant leg or hand are just a couple of examples that can create muscle tension which gets in the way. These "bad habits" can be made better, but it takes many repetitions of correct movement to "overwrite" and create new pathways associated with a particular movement or coordinated series of movement. Eventually the new pathways create new muscle memory. 

Because our brains will convince us that we are moving correctly even when we are not, horseback riders need an instructor who can guide them through the steps with each new thing learned. Find a riding instructor who is familiar with horse and rider biomechanics will help you streamline this process, even if you continue to work with a regular instructor in your own discipline.

Muscle Bike Suit photo courtesy of Tomek Pietek. Info by Encyclopedia Britannica and Anatomy in Motion:


Centered Riding concepts can provide the tools that enable you to more easily access the mind/body and biomechanics principals to enhance your skills and help you to become an effective rider—regardless of riding level or discipline. For more information, go to: Website:

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