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"Trot" If Horses Could Talk

Excellent video by Colleen Brady.  Gerd Heuschmann is featured in this video and this represents his work.


Are you riding a "back mover" or a "leg mover"? You don't have to be using extreme rein aids or intentionally riding your horse in hyper-flexion to create a leg mover. If you are inadvertently encouraging your horse to be a leg mover, don't worry, you can change that! Leg movers are created by the riders but by making some changes to your riding, you can help your horse to move correctly! This video does an excellent job of showing the difference between leg movers and back movers, but can you tell the difference when you are riding? Ride your horse to encourage back movement—your horse will be easier to ride, be more beautiful and correct in his movement. Your horse will thank you!

I attended the Gerd Heuschmann and Geroge Morris clinic for two years in a row at the United States Equestrian Team headquarters in Gladstone, New Jersey. The first two days focused on the differences between back movers and leg movers, how to properly identify them and how to ride the horse to encourage a moving back, and if necessary, how to correct and change a horse from being a leg mover to a back mover. Great information from two great horsemen.

The "Leg Mover" happens in all disciplines—at all levels. The rider needs to be the one to help the horse move correctly and gymnasticize as a back mover! Need help? Contact me.


Centered Riding concepts can provide the tools that enable you to more easily access the mind/body and biomechanics principals to enhance your skills and help you to become an effective rider—regardless of riding level or discipline. For more information, go to:

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